Our Work. Amplified.

Led by its strategic plan and supported by its community partners, the AIDS Foundation of Chicago amplified its work in 2016 and worked toward health equity and justice like never before. Read about the people we served, the movements we led and the partners we owe incredible gratitude to in our digital-only Annual Report. This year's report centers on the four strategic priorities that our new strategic plan, Positive Momentum, focuses on: improving health equity, preventing new cases of HIV, serving as a knowledge and collaboration center, and being a bold voice for change. Witness the ways we worked in our communities to achieve incredible advances in these areas.

John Peller, President/CEO + Anna Laubach, Board Chair

Learn how we amplified our work in 2016

Our strategic plan, Positive Momentum, guided the outcomes we achieved in 2016. Read about our four priorities and what we achieved in each area.

Improve health equity

We helped Illinoisans living with HIV and other chronic illnesses thrive.

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Prevent new cases of HIV

Watch how we spread tingle across Chicago.

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Serve as a collaboration and knowledge center

We strengthened vital organizations.

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Be a bold voice for change

We roared in 2016. Hear our voice.

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Our facts

0 People AFC supported with housing, health care and other critical needs
Percent of AFC's clients who are virally suppressed, meaning they are healthier and cannot transmit HIV sexually to their HIV-negative partners
Case management trainings hosted, to equip our HIV health care system with the latest knowledge
in-person touchpoints led by AFC's Policy and Advocacy team through rallies, speaking engagements and more